Slippers, Buy one get one free! #slipper #offer #bogof

20151219 143701 e1452014922103 576x1024 - Slippers, Buy one get one free! #slipper #offer #bogof

What an offer!
but can you have two left ones if needed?

What I really wanna say is WTF!
If you are making a sign, which is a BOGOF offer, make sure there’s no bloody confusion.
If the item comes in TWOs (or pairs) then offering ‘one free’ is a bit ambiguous isn’t it!

And while I’m here…
*cheapest item free – JESUS CHRIST!
If the offer is buy ONE pair, get one PAIR free, then why not make the little asterix bullshit say ‘*cheapest PAIR free’, but I suppose the bloody problem is that we don’t know if it’s buy one pair get one pair free, so let’s move on…

So, if it’s ‘*cheapest item free’
Can I have a size 6, dusty pink, with fur, left, slip on, with a small heel AND a size 10, black, right, fake leather with suede sole type affair? Probably not, but why f***ing not, I may have different size feet and a new as yet unnamed gender chiral difference syndrome see!

Now go away.



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