A Tooth Shop

A Tooth Shop Dental Sales? Graphic design is all about size, position, weight and colour. 1. How big are the words? 2. Where are the words on the page/canvas/screen? 3. How heavy/light is the typeface? 4. What colour are the Read More

An Unnecessary Sign Perhaps?

An Unnecessary Sign Perhaps? I was walking along the pavement, as you do, and saw a massive sign that informed me that I must go around the obstruction… to the right. OK, but what choice did I really have? It Read More

Where are the toilets?

If you’ve never been here before, then you might want to know where the toilets are… Well, they are… Everywhere.

Last Day!

Oh my god, it’s the last day. er, of what? the world? if you are going to make a f***ing sign for your window, hey, here’s an idea, spend 10 more seconds thinking about it and add a couple of Read More