Equally Valid is simply a place to put some of the stuff I have seen.

I've seen some funny things. Or is it just the way I look at them.

It's just stuff that I like, that makes me laugh or raise my eyebrows.

All the posts are things I have seen when I'm out and about, the pictures and videos are generally taken with my phone.

Why is the site called Equally Valid? Because there are many many things in life where one thing is just as good as another.

You know how these things are, it is difficult to choose.

I think you will be lucky if you actually find a post that makes you laugh, so now that I have dashed your hopes, read on...   ...dear friend.

20090818203437 sticker head - About

02 comments on “About

  • JamesP , Direct link to comment

    Hello there, I have enjoyed your pictures. I wondered if perhaps you had any more pictures of Baron of Piccadilly, a favourite former haunt of mine?

    Many thanks,


  • admin , Direct link to comment

    Sorry James, that’s all for now. I did take some a few years back, but who knows where they are? Steve

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